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What Does Long Eye Relief Mean in Binoculars

Eye relief is simply the distance between the user’s eyes a d the last lens within the eyepiece of binoculars. It helps the user to obtain a clear, unobstructed image of the whole field of view. Eye relief is usually on of the essential feature for hunting binoculars. This is because for hunters, obtaining a full field of view of the target is always necessary. Therefore, the eye relief distances provide additional viewing comfort, making you aim your target without much difficulty.

What’s more eye relief also provides extra safety precaution especially for rifle scope hunters. If the eye relief is for the scope sight is too short, it makes the user’s eyes to be too close to the sight. When the hunter fires the rifle, the recoil force can push the optical eyepiece backward at great power, causing injuries around the hunter’s eye.

On the contrary, when the eye relief is too long, it puts a lot of strain to the viewer’s eyes. That is why you find some people complaining of eye fatigue even after using binoculars for a short period. Therefore, it is always important to view an image using the correct eye relief, especially if you are in need of hunting binoculars.

How to get the right eye relief

Eye Relief Binocular

Eye relief is usually measured either in millimeters or inches. This variation due to the different optical manufacturers, the type of optic as well as the model. For instance, if a binocular has an acceptable relief of 14mm, the rifle used may have a more extended eye relief, let’s say 17 inches. In that case, it is always recommended for a hunter to have the same eye relief for the best view. If a rifle has an eye relief of 15mm, the hunter should place their eyes 15mm from the eyepiece for a perfect look.

Most of the binoculars do come with an eye relief of about 10mm and above. However, for glass wearers, this is usually not enough. They must, therefore, expand it to get a beautiful and uninterrupted view. Personally, I do recommend glass wearers to get binoculars with an eye relief of about 16mm. For some, an eye relief of about 14 to 15 may just work perfectly. However, it is good to get yourself binoculars with adjustable eye relief. It will provide you with an ideal viewing without much hassle.

Short eye relief

Short Eye Relief

Short eye relief is usually considered to be less than 13 mm. In most cases, individuals who don’t wear glasses find this distance ideal for their viewing. However, for those wearing glasses, it may result in some problems. Wearing glasses brigs some discomfort with short eye reliefs. This is because glasses do get in the way of consuming some space. As such, they may not see the entire field of view. Therefore, if you plan to hunt using your glasses, it is right for you to test your optics. First, put on your glasses then look for the full field of view. Again, repeat without putting the glasses on. If you find no difference, then the field of view is good enough for you.

Long eye relief

Long Eye Relief

Long eye reliefs are the most recommended for those wearing glasses. This is because they provide adequate space for viewing. In most cases, they do range from 15 mm to 20mm on a binocular and 4.5 inches on a rifle. Long eye relief helps to achieve a clear, bright, and comfortable viewing. However, it is always essential to keep your eyes within the recommended distance. If your eyes are too far away, you could experience some strain s when viewing.

Final thoughts

Conclusively, eye relief is one of the significant feature for hunting binoculars. It allows the users to have a full field of view in a more comfortable and relaxing way. Other than this, eye relief also contributes to a clear focus of the image. However, it is always good to have an eye relief that most suits are viewing. For glass wearers, it is recommended to have a long eye relief not only for security purposes but also comfortable viewing. Nonetheless, if you don’t wear glasses, short eye relief can work fine.

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