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Top 5 Tips to Keep Kids Interested While Camping

Top 5 Tips to Keep Kids Interested While Camping

Camping is one of the best ways to keep your kids interested in the outdoors, even when they don’t have a lot of experience outside. With that being said, there are always kids who are naturally more interested in the experience than others. Most of them have a tendency to come around after they’ve been exposed to it for a couple of days, but there are some things that you can do to help them stay interested in the idea of camping.

The most important thing you need to do is help the kids have a good time while they’re roughing it. You might even try taking a few kid-friendly items such as kids binoculars or compact binoculars with you so they can have fun and feel like their likes and dislikes matter. Below are five tips that you can utilize to keep kids interested while you’re camping. At least one of these is bound to resonate with even the most hardened skeptic when it comes to the idea of camping.

Top 5 Tips to Keep Kids Interested While Camping

1. Give Them Interesting Things to Do

It doesn’t matter if you’re camping or sitting around the house, kids like to have something to keep their minds occupied.  Don’t we all!  As long as you give them something that keeps their interest up, they’re more likely to enjoy whatever it is they’re doing as opposed to becoming frustrated. This is especially true if you’re trying to sell the idea of camping to someone that doesn’t want to try it at all.

The activity you choose to have them do will need to vary depending on the interests of the child in question. The only constant here is that everyone isn’t going to want to do the same thing all the time. It’s important to have different activities available so that they can periodically change up their activity.

Top 5 Tips to Keep Kids Interested While Camping

2. Incorporate Group Activities

As previously mentioned, every kid on the trip isn’t going to want to do the same thing all the time. However, there’s a better-than-average chance that they will be interested in doing things like telling ghost stories or going on a special hike. While it’s important to let them express their individuality, it’s equally important to create time where everyone in the group is doing the same thing. This lets everyone become more familiar with each other, and it gives adults and children alike a chance to become closer because of the time spent together. When it’s all said and done, it usually makes the trip more enjoyable than it would have otherwise been.

Top 5 Tips to Keep Kids Interested While Camping

3. Be Flexible

Depending on the age of the child or children involved, it can be difficult to schedule an itinerary and stick to it exactly. Young kids lose interest in something almost as quickly as they notice it, and older kids have a tendency to get cranky when things aren’t going their way. Teenagers can be especially challenging.

It’s great to have things planned, but you also want to be flexible enough to allow those plans to change as needed. The idea is for everyone to have a good time, not for everyone to end up arguing with each other and wishing the trip would end. That’s why it’s so important that you build some flexibility into your plans. It can make all the difference in the world between having a great time and wishing you would have never gone in the first place.

Top 5 Tips to Keep Kids Interested While Camping

4. Let the Kids Choose

One of the things that often frustrates kids of all ages is that they feel like they aren’t heard. In fact, they often shut down because they think the adults don’t care about how they think or how they feel. If you let them decide what they want to do occasionally, it helps them realize that you do care about how they feel and that you’re willing to allow them to make choices for themselves whenever it’s safe to do so.

Top 5 Tips to Keep Kids Interested While Camping

5. Try Not to Force Anything

You might love camping, but your child may take a while to warm up to it. Some kids take to it right off the bat, yet others aren’t so crazy about the idea of spending time outdoors, even if it’s only for a couple of days.

It’s important to let your child know that however he or she feels about the idea, it’s okay. Be sure to let them know they don’t have to like anything just because you do, but instead ask them to be open-minded and give it a chance. Then allow them to make up their minds for themselves.


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