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The Ultimate Binoculars Resource Guide

The Complete Resource Guide For Binoculars

Binoculars have been around for a number of years and have helped people of all types see things that are far away, up close and personal. Whether you are using binoculars as a scope while hunting or taking photographs, are using them on a safari, or are an avid bird-watcher, the right pair of compact binoculars can be a great accessory to have.

People use binoculars for a variety of reasons. Even if you have never bought a pair of binoculars before, it is important to realize that these items are all not created equal. Different binoculars will have different features, benefits, magnifications, and accessories. Whether you just want to just have a pair of binoculars for looking outside your front porch, or need binoculars for a more professional venture—this guide can help you not only understand how these items work but find the exact products you are looking for.

We have listed tons of valuable resources below about binoculars. These resources will help you not only understand these little hand-held devices but learn more about buying the right binoculars for the right situations.

The History and Science Behind Binoculars

To really appreciate a great pair of binoculars, you need to understand the history and the science behind these vision-amplifying accessories. The following resources will give you a more detailed look at how binoculars were first started and the science that helps them work the way they do.

A History of Binocular Development – If you’ve always wanted to know about the history of binocular development and learn more about who first created binoculars and why—this is the resource you have been looking for.

History of Telescopes and Binoculars – This detailed resource not only looks into how telescopes were created but how this technology eventually translated into binoculars. This history lesson goes way back to BCE.

How Do Binoculars Work?  – The pros behind Explain That Stuff take a detailed look at how binocular work and the science behind these products. This will enlighten you not only on how binoculars are made but about the technology that is used to help binoculars magnify the images in front of you.

ScienceStruck How Do Binoculars Work? – If you have ever wanted to look into the different parts and mechanisms behind binoculars and how they work together, then this is the resource for you. It takes a scientific and technological approach to all of the parts that come together to help binoculars have their magnifying properties.

A Brief History of Binoculars  – There are many different types of binoculars and they all have their own unique history. This resource takes a look at not only how binoculars were first created but the different ways they have developed and changed over the years.

Resources for Safari Binoculars

Binoculars are extremely important for anyone who is planning on going on an African safari. The right binoculars can enhance your safari experience. While some types of animal-watching requires high magnification, this typically isn’t necessary for a safari when animals aren’t as far away. Plus, extreme high zoom often causes the image to become unstable and being on a safari vehicle won’t allow you to use a tripod. This is why finding a reliable, 8x or 10x pair of binoculars is best. Looking for more information on safari binoculars, here are a few other great resources.

Overview Best Travel Binoculars- Chances are, the right pair of safari binoculars are also going to need to be compact, travel-friendly binoculars as well. This resource guide details the best of the best when it comes to travel binoculars so you can get a pair that is not only compact and easy to store in your suitcase but safari-ready as well.

Aardvark Safari Binocular Guide– Aardvark Safaris knows a thing or two about what it takes to see wildlife up close and personal, without getting… too close. This popular safari company detailed everything you need to know about finding and using binoculars for your upcoming safari. They detail the best brands and magnifications and how to differentiate one pair from the next.

The Best Safari Binoculars  Not sure what the numbers mean on different pairs or binoculars mean? This guide will help you not only learn more about shopping for safari binoculars but it also compares some of the top brands and products in the market, all of which have the safari-approved magnification between 7 and 10.

12 Best Safari Binoculars – Ready to start shopping for a new pair of binoculars? This detailed guide goes through 12 of the highest-rated and most popular safari binoculars available today and what you can expect with each of these products.

Best Binocular for Safari: Bigger Not Always Better –When you shop for safari binoculars, it is important to remember that bigger isn’t always better. This resource on safari binoculars details just how important this lesson is and about the benefits of using smaller binoculars while on safari.

Resources for Bird Watching Binoculars

Bird watching is perhaps the most popular activity that people use binoculars for. However, bird watching binoculars aren’t the same as your average, everyday binoculars. Unlike safari binoculars, bird watching binoculars can and should have much higher magnification. This is because you not only need to see animals from much farther away but you also can use a tripod while bird watching to provide much-needed stability with these higher magnification binoculars. If you want to know how to buy the best binoculars for bird watching and how to use these binoculars while observing birds, these resources can help.

Best Birdwatching Binoculars Reviews and Recommendations– This guide is all about finding bird watching binoculars specifically for this hobby. In addition to detailing all of the information on shopping for these binoculars, this guide is specific on what types of binoculars can be best for spotting specific types of birds.

Guide to Bird Watching Binoculars– If you are looking for binoculars for birding, and want to know more about using these binoculars for the sport as well as finding the right products then this detailed guide is a great resource. It includes technical terms and how to focus in on birds when they are in your line of view.

Choosing Binoculars For Birdwatching– This wildlife guide details the best way to choose binoculars that can actually help you see wildlife from far away. If you are interested in a resource that isn’t going to try to “sell” you on a product but instead educate you with information on how to buy a pair of binoculars—this is it.

5 Best Bird Watching Binoculars Reviewed for 2018– This resource is great for those who need a starting point for their binocular shopping excursion. It gives you a list of the best reviewed birding binoculars.

10 Popular Bird Watching Binoculars – This resource from Oceanwide Expeditions provides a unique look at birdwatching binoculars because it specifically details binoculars that are good for oceanic bird watching, which requires a different type of binocular.

Resources for Hunting Binoculars

Hunting binoculars may seem similar to bird watching or safari binoculars but they actually are quite different and have different features. Hunting binoculars are not only designed to be camouflaged and fit in with your hunting gear, but there are also telescopes that are designed to attach right to your guns and rifles, also known as scopes, these are forms of binoculars that can aid in your hunting ventures. For resources on a safe hunt, be sure to visit the complete hunting safety resource guide.

Outdoor Life Hunting Binocular ReviewOutdoor Life is an online resource dedicated to hunting enthusiasts. As a site completely dedicated to the world’s most avid hunters, they understand just how important a pair of hunting binoculars can be. This is why they created a detailed guide on some of the top hunting binoculars out there today.

Advanced Hunter’s Gear Guide on Best Hunting Binoculars– Advanced Hunting is known for being an ultimate resource for all things hunting gear-related. In this particular guide they not only help educate their readers on how to shop for hunting binoculars but on what differentiates good binoculars from their sub-par counterparts.

Wilderness Today’s Best Binoculars for Hunting (Compact and Regular Size)- The unique thing about this particular binocular resource is that it not only goes into great depth about standard hunting binoculars, but it also talks about compact hunting binoculars. There are some hunters who prefer compact pieces over full-size, and these travel-friendly options are included in this review.

The Hunter’s Guide to Binocular Care– Finding the right pair of hunting binoculars is only half the battle. This resource is designed specifically for hunters and talks in great depth about how to clean and care for these accessories. Since hunters tend to get their binoculars dirty, muddy and scratched up, this guide is an important resource for everyone who takes their binoculars out into the wild.

How to Choose Binoculars for Hunting– If you are overwhelmed by all of the different binocular options available today, then this is a great resource to explore. It not only discusses what separates regular binoculars from hunting binoculars but it also details how to choose the right binoculars for your individual hunting needs.

Best Hunting Binoculars Under $100– When you start to look at hunting binoculars, you will quickly realize that these accessories can cost a pretty penny. However, you don’t have to spend a small fortune in order to get a reliable pair of binoculars—in this resource, all of the binoculars detailed are under $100. It is a great place to start if you are completely new to buying hunting.

Resources on Using Binoculars

There are many websites that will tell you how to buy binoculars, but very few resources on how to use these binoculars. The following resources are all dedicated on binocular use, as opposed to just shopping for binoculars. It is so important to not only know how to use your binoculars but how to clean and care for them as well so you can extend the life of the product you ultimately decide on.

How to Use Binoculars: Helpful Tips for the Field– This birdwatching resource has its own guide of field tips and tricks that you should be fully aware of when using binoculars out in the wild. This is a great resource for beginners and also has some helpful reminders for seasoned pros as well.

Binocular Tuneup- The Diopter Adjustment– When using your binoculars, there is a control knob in the middle of the two eyepieces that you can adjust. This guide will show you how to tune and adjust these eyepieces for a more stable experience and so that the binoculars can compensate for the differences in your two eyes. It is an advanced part of use and maintenance but can make all the difference in the clarity of what you are able to see through your scope.

How to Focus Binoculars– No matter what it is that you are looking at, you want to make sure that you can see it clearly. This resource goes into great deal on the delicate art of focusing binoculars and how you can adjust and calibrate them as needed.

Binocular Maintenance Guide– A good pair of binoculars can be a sizable investment, whether you are a hobbyist or using them for professional endeavors. This is why proper binocular maintenance is so important. From cleaning and carrying to storing your binoculars this is an important resource to rely on for regular binocular maintenance.

How to Clean and Protect Your Binoculars– This guide from Field Optics Research is all about cleaning but also protecting your binoculars and making sure that they don’t get dinged, scratched or ruined when you have them outdoors. Since you will likely be using your binoculars in an outdoor setting, proper protection is key.

Binocular Care- How to Clean Your Binoculars– If you want to extend the life of your binoculars and really make the most out of the binoculars you purchase, then you need to know how to clean and care for them. This detailed guide features photos and videos on proper binocular care for extending the life of your accessories.

Binocular Blogs

Blogs are some of the best ways to gain expert insight from the people who actually use binoculars. If you want to learn more about shopping for, using and caring for binoculars, then blogs are a great resource. Here are some of the most prominent blogs that talk about or reference binoculars and binocular use.

World of Binoculars– This entire site is dedicated to all things binoculars and has a detailed blog that is filled with articles on everything from how binoculars are made to suggestions on finding binoculars for bird watching. If you have questions about binoculars, this is the blog that you want to turn to.

All About Birds– This bird-watching centered blog is all about this beloved past-time and is filled with resources, guides, articles, blog and resources all about binoculars and using binoculars to spot birds. This is a more bird-centered blog but one that is great for those who have this passion.

Bird Watching HQ– If you are looking for your complete headquarters for all things bird watching, including numerous blogs specifically on binoculars, this is a great blog to start following. This site is super detailed with their posts and cannot only help you have a better understanding of bird watching but help you gain a better understanding of using, maintaining and binoculars.

World of Binoculars– As one of the web’s most dedicated binocular resources, this blog is your go-to on everything from choosing the right magnification to learning about how binoculars are made—it truly covers every topic. There are so many different intricacies involves with using binoculars and making the most out of these accessories, and World of Binoculars dives into all of them.

Social Media Binocular Resources

There are plenty of groups, boards, YouTube channels and online forums all dedicated to people who are binocular enthusiasts and who use these accessories often for things like hunting, wildlife observing, bird watching. These are great places to not only get advice and inspiration but to meet other people who have similar interests as you and who want to share their knowledge and insights on binocular use.


BirdWatchingIf you use your binoculars for birdwatching and want to look at photos, videos, and posts from other birdwatching enthusiasts, this is a great resource to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Best Binocular Reviews If you are in the market to buy a pair of binoculars, but aren’t sure which pair is the right one for you, this Facebook page can help. They offer detailed reviews, reports, and resources that are all about binocular use. This is a great Facebook page to reference before you make a purchase.

Safari Outdoor This Facebook page is dedicated to all things outdoors and safari related and has some great binoculars and scopes available as well as resources on buying the best binoculars for any outing. Plus, with over 35,000 followers and growing, this is also a great page to follow as a way to connect with others that have similar interests.

Through Binoculars– This Facebook page is a fun one to follow if you want to look at and share images of all of the beautiful things that you see while looking through your binoculars. This is a great page if you are into wildlife photos as well.

Binoculars Guru– Want some insight from a real binoculars guru? Then this is the Facebook page to follow. This binoculars enthusiast also posts lots of links to his blog and other relevant articles making this a fun Facebook page to follow for tips and advice.


Binoculars, Telescopes, and Optics- If you are looking for images and inspiration about the best binoculars, binocular accessories and telescopes out there, give this board a try, they have links to some really great links to outstanding products, and emphasize accessories which can be difficult to find on binocular boards.

Binoculars – This is a really unique Pinterest board for those who are interested in binoculars. This is because it is filled with antique photos of different types of binoculars, ranging from historical artifacts to opera binoculars.

Outdoor Optics  If you are looking for a page that is all about outdoor binoculars, then this is the one for you. This Pinterest board is filled with images and links to different hunting and safari binoculars.

Binoculars for Hunting – The name of this Pinterest board says it all—it is a great resource for those who use binoculars on their hunting excursions and is filled with photos, links, and tips.


Orion Telescopes and Binoculars  This channel details all of the different features on Orion binoculars and can help you make a decision on which pair is best for you if you are considering purchasing one of these items.

Best Binocular Reviews  This channel has lots of different video reviews on all types of binoculars, in all different price ranges and from a number of different brands.

The Binoculars Guy – If you are looking for video resources on all things binoculars, from product reviews to tips and tricks, this YouTube Channel is filled with valuable videos you are sure to enjoy.

Binocular Forum Resources

Binocular forums are a great place to interact with other people that have similar interests in binoculars, hunting, safaris and bird watching. If you are looking for a place to discuss your different thoughts and ideas on these topics, then a binocular forum is a great place to start.

Binocular Bird Forum – There is an entire section on all about binoculars. Here you can explore different topics related to binoculars and even information on different brands.

Astronomy Binocular Forum – There are so many different binocular and telescope related topics discussed on this active forum—it is sure to help you get all of the insights you have been looking for.

The Optic’s Talk Binocular Forum – If you want to engage in discussion about comparing different types of binoculars, then this is a great resource for your consideration. It is also very active, and there are always new topics being brought up for further discussion.


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