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Best Compact Binoculars

Compact Binoculars Reviews

We spent over 52 hours testing and researching many different types of compact binoculars and found that cost, ease of use, and performance were at the top of the list of important features for consumers looking for quality compact binoculars. Our best all-around pick is the Wingspan Optics Spectator 8X32 Compact Bird Watching Binoculars. You’ll discover unmatched durability thanks to the non-slip grip, and you’ll love the lightweight, compact size that slips easily into your pocket.

Best Compact Binoculars


5/5 Product Rating
If you’re looking for binoculars that fit an on-the-go lifestyle, these Wingspan Optics Spectator Binoculars will be just the ones you want. Thanks to their pocket size you can take these binoculars anywhere. Despite the small size, you will not compromise brightness, detail or clarity. Features include beautifully clear focus that is designed to handle changing from wide view to sharp focus in just seconds as well as a powerful 8X32 magnification that will make you feel like you are right there next to whatever you’re watching. The non-slip grip makes handling these binoculars easy even in wet conditions.

The wide field of view is perfect for catching an entire field of action from as far as 1000 yards. This superior field of view makes the Wingspan Spectator binoculars the best high-powered, small compact binoculars on the market. Wingspan Optics stands behind these great binoculars with a fantastic lifetime warranty and a 30-day money guarantee. These will be the only pair of binoculars you’ll need because if something happens to them, the company will replace them. They are perfect for watching outdoor games, watching concerts, bird watching and other great activities.

Best Budget Compact Binoculars


4.6/5 Product Rating
This great pair of binoculars features a 12x magnification, wide field of view, and 25mm objective lens that allow you to see more of your subject whether it is a concert or animals in their natural habitat. The specs on these binoculars allow you to see farther than ever, so you don’t miss anything. The adjustable eyecups are perfect for eyeglass wearers allowing you to see easily even with glasses in place. If you don’t wear glasses, you’ll enjoy focused sight and more comfort when your eyes are resting against the rubber pieces.The Occer low light compact binoculars are easy to use one-handed and are perfect for bird watching, watching sports games, camping, watching the opera or any other outside activity.

The low night vision goggles are much more convenient for carrying. The ABS plastic used in construction make these binoculars durable and long lasting. The rubber casing is non-slip, ensuring a solid grip while you are viewing. They are also water-resistant and shockproof. Slip these powerful binoculars into your pocket so you can take them on the go anywhere you want. They are perfect for anyone, including kids with an interest in bird watching or nature watching.

Best Compact Binoculars for Birding


4.8/5 Product Rating
These high powered compact binoculars are the perfect choice for bird watchers. The 25mm objective lens and 10x magnification help you zero in on your target from 1000 yards providing crisp detail that will make you feel like you’re inches away. The lenses of these binoculars are constructed out of FMC multi-green coated and BAK-4 prisms giving you perfect color and a crisp image that will amaze you. Other features include low light night vision, lightweight and easy to carry, simple, modern styling, and small enough to slip into your pocket so you have it when you need it. It is perfect for traveling for kids and adults.

Although you should not use these binoculars in heavy rain for extended periods of time, they do have protective rubber O-rings that fill all the seams of the binoculars. Thus, light rain or water splashing does not get inside. The SGODDE compact binoculars are perfect for bird watching but they can be used for other activities too including fishing, hiking, watching concerts, hunting, and watching sports. These sleek little black binoculars make a perfect gift for a bird watching enthusiast or anyone who wants to enjoy outside activities close up.

Best Compact Binoculars for Hunting


4.9/5 Product Rating
Nikon is a well-known and respected name in the camera world. They produce excellent products in the binocular world as well as these 8264 Aculon binoculars prove. These 10×25 portable binoculars weigh less than 10 ounces and are super easy to hold thanks to the Hand-friendly design of the body even for long periods of time. These lightweight compact binoculars are perfect for hunting, trailing, and tracking as well as other outdoor activities. Even though they are great for hunting, you should not use them in heavily wet weather without some protection.

You’ll be able to enjoy quick viewing of any subject you choose thanks to the smooth, fast range of focus that helps you zero in on your target quickly so you don’t miss anything. The Realtree Xtra green camo design blends in perfectly with any outdoor, green surroundings. The multicoated eco-glass lenses make them a good choice for anyone environmentally conscious. These Nikon binoculars are the perfect gift for any hunter or outdoor enthusiast. Consumers who choose to purchase these binoculars can request the manufacturer’s warranty from the company’s customer service department.

Best Budget Hunting Compact Binoculars


4.5/5 Product Rating
Bushnell is a well-known name in binoculars that consumers trust. Their products are high quality and long-lasting. One of our favorite Bushnell binoculars are these Bushnell Powerview Binoculars. The stunning clarity and quality optics provide crisp, clear viewing of your subject. These binoculars are made from premium materials that have been extensively tested and used to ensure the quality Bushnell stands behind. Bushnell has combined design and style with durability and quality. When it comes to compact hunting binoculars, you won’t want to be without these. The general purpose roof prisms reflect your subject clearly so you don’t miss a detail.

Non-slip rubber armor protects the binoculars from damage even under active use. This protective covering also provides users with a sturdy grip in wet weather. The fully-coated optics give you a clearer, brighter view of whatever you choose to watch. Viewing is comfortable thanks to the fold down cups for the eyes. The center focus system is well positioned and delivers excellent performance. The beautiful design of the body is pleasing and very easy to use. You’ll love the affordability of these binoculars. Bushnell’s fully coated optics give users a bright and clear view. Despite being great for hunting, bird watching, and other activities these Bushnell binoculars are neither fog or waterproof; so care should be taken when using in rainy or snowy conditions.

Best Low Light Compact Binoculars


4.6/5 Product Rating
If you love watching nature in low light conditions, the Aurosports high powered binoculars are just what you need. The large field of view helps you focus in on your subject from 1000 yards away, providing plenty of brilliant detail. There will be no worry about the binoculars slipping out of your hands thanks to the anti-slip, ultra durable and waterproof grip. If you’re on the go a lot, then you’ll love the small size and convenient foldable design. The design makes slipping them into your pocket easy without being bulky and uncomfortable.

The 10x magnification and 25mm objective lens enable you to see your subjects with crisp clarity that makes you feel like you’re only inches away from them. The waterproof capability resists light rain and splashes but can’t be used in heavy downpours for an extended time or soaked in water. These binoculars are perfect for kids and adults for a variety of outdoor activities including exploring, watching concerts, bird watching, hunting, tracking, and much more. They make a great gift for anyone you know that loves being outdoors. The low light feature works great for night vision where there is a little bit of light, but they are not suitable for dark nights with no light.

Best Lightweight Compact Binoculars


4.6/5 Product Rating
Carrying around heavy, bulky binoculars can be annoying and cumbersome. That’s why you need these Skygenius compact, lightweight binoculars. They are super easy to carry on the go and slip right into your pocket for each access and storage. They fold up and are not bulky in your pocket. Despite the lightweight and small size of these binoculars, they pack a lot of power with 8x magnification and 21mm objective lens.The large field of view allows you to get up close and personal with your subject from 1000 yards away. And the FMC green multi-coated optics and BK7 roof prism offer a crystal clear image that makes using them a real pleasure.

These binoculars are also easy to focus thanks to the user-friendly center-focus knob and right eye lens. It’s even easy for kids to focus too. Skygenius’s compact and lightweight binoculars are perfect for adults or kids to enjoy an array of activities including outdoor theater watching, bird watching, climbing, exploring trails, traveling, attending concerts, nature watching while on hikes, and much more. The binoculars come along with a cleaning cloth and a strap.

Best Compact Binoculars with Camera


4.7/5 Product Rating
Gosky’s compact professional binoculars are perfect for outdoor lovers and have an added feature that many others do not. With these binoculars you can use the included Smartphone adaptor to use these binoculars as a camera to record and share what you are viewing with friends and family. The small size and superior image quality make the Gosky a consumer favorite. Features include 10x magnification and a wide field of view that will get you up close with your subjects from as much as 1000 yards away. The 42mm green multi-layer coating on the objective lens and the 18mm blue film eyepiece provide crisp, clear images that are bright and beautiful.

Your Gosky binoculars will last a long time thanks to the solid framework made of magnalium and the rubber armor help it withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. The adjustable eyecups twist up and down so you can see through them comfortably and can be used by those who wear eyeglasses as well. There are ¼” threads on the front of the binoculars that allow users to connect them to a tripod with the use of a binocular adapter. The convenient adapter can be used with almost all smartphones on the market currently including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Sony and more.

Best 10x28mm Compact Binoculars


4.9/5 Product Rating
The Maven C2 is the pride of the C series and is offered to consumers with a 7x or 10x magnifications. This review is for the 10x 28mm model. This powerful, dependable pair of binoculars provides users with extra low-dispersion glass that is crystal clear along with fully multi-coated lenses that will give you incredibly clear, bright images. The polymer frame is lightweight and very durable making it great for all your outdoor activities. Other features include being fog and waterproof, they also possess a scratch resistant lens coating that safeguards the lens from distorting your view, and more great features as well. The size of these binoculars is another popular feature with on the go consumers. The small, compact binoculars fit right into your pocket easily, so you never miss a thing.

These versatile binoculars are perfect for hunting, bird watching, traveling, concert watching, nature watching while on hikes, and much more. Maven C 2 binoculars use the same prism system that is found in their B.1 and B.3 models that will produce an incredible high-contrast clear image every time. They are perfect for adults and children. Included with your purchase is a convenient double-layered storage bag made of microfiber, a neoprene neck strap, and ocular lens cap to protect them from damage.

Best 7 x 28 Compact Binoculars


4.9/5 Product Rating
The Maven C2 is very popular with outdoor lovers and offers a 7x or 10x magnification. This review is for the 7x version. With fully multicoated lenses the extra low-dispersion glass is crystal clear and provides users with bright crystal clear and sharp images. If you’re looking for durability, these are the best binoculars for you. The lightweight frame is made of durable polymer which also makes it great for kids that love the outdoors as well. The waterproof and fog proof features allow you to use them in light rain without worry of damaging your investment. Thanks to their compact size, the Maven C2 is easy to carry and has a super lightweight feel. Slip them into your pocket and you’ll always be ready to view something at seven times the magnification, no matter where you are.

The Maven C2 7x 28mm binoculars are great for bird watching, watching concerts and sports games, tracking, exploring the wilderness, and much more. Along with these great binoculars you will get a neoprene neck strap, ocular lens caps that keep your lenses free from damage, and a strong, double-layered storage bag. You’ll be surprised how great these binoculars are when you see how lightweight and small they are. Despite their size, you will enjoy the crystal clear, bright images that will make you feel like you’re right next to whatever you are viewing.

Best Compact Binoculars Under $900


5/5 Product Rating
These binoculars by Swarovski can easily be taken anywhere you go thanks to the bridge design that allows them to be folded. They are small enough to slide right into your pocket and make fast work of opening up and being ready to show you stunning views you won’t believe. The high contrast, color-true images make bird watching, nature watching, and other outdoor activities unforgettable.The ergonomic design of these binoculars offers users comfortable viewing equally for those with eyeglasses and those without eyeglasses. This is due to the twist-in eyecups that provide plenty of enhanced viewing comfort. These eyecups are made with material that is hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction to the rubber eyecups.

The sleek look and stylish hunter green color blend well amid outdoor locations, activities, and viewing. If you’re looking for a compact, easy-to-carry, powerful pair of binoculars for under $900, this is an excellent choice that will provide beautiful viewing, durability, and easy-to-use fun for adults and kids alike.

Compact Binoculars Buying Guide

What makes a great pair of compact binoculars?

There are three main factors that make up a great pair of compact binoculars:

  • Portability – If your binoculars are large and bulky, carrying them around can become cumbersome. The benefit of compact binoculars is that they fit into your pocket and you can take them anywhere. Many binoculars feature a foldable design that makes carrying them on the go even easier. Modern brands offer all the power and crisp images in a small, compact model so you do not have to give up image quality or clarity to enjoy portability.
  • Weight – You might be saying to yourself, “weight of binoculars matter, really-c’mon?” Yes, weight is an important factor that is important in a great pair of binoculars. Regular-sized binoculars can be heavy which makes carrying them difficult on hikes, during extended viewing, when packed with other important items, or when engaging in other outdoor activities. All the compact models we have featured in this review are designed with portability in mind. Moreover, the compact binoculars in our reviews are easy to handle and very lightweight; even for kids. This feature makes them very popular among outdoor enthusiasts whom simply carry them wherever they go since they are non-intrusive and lightweight.
  • Accessibility – If your binoculars are difficult to grab, then you could end up missing a lot of great views while on your excursions. Which, reminder, is one of the main reasons you set out to journey in the great outdoors. The compact models we have reviewed above are small and light enough to carry in your pocket. The advantage to this is that when you spot an animal or bird or some other great view out in nature, you can grab the compact binoculars quickly and see them without having to struggle with a heavy carrying case. Carrying case can take so much time to open and access your binoculars, that your subject may be long gone. To drive the point across, think of the features of smartphone cameras; their portability allows for easy access to capture life moments to share with others. Similarly, compact binoculars allow you for quick access stunning views once you’ve grabbed them out of your pocket ensuring you never miss what you set out to view.

Porro vs Roof Prism Compact Binoculars

When it comes to quality in a pair of binoculars, you get what you pay for. Cheap binoculars are simply not going to be as good or have everything that the more expensive models do. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase the most expensive ones either. There are a few things to look at when comparing binoculars to determine the quality of the pair you are considering. One of these factors is whether the binoculars are Porro Prism or Roof Prism. Below we’ve explained the differences so you understand.

Porro Prism

Porro prism binoculars were the norm until Leitz and Zeiss companies introduced roof prism binoculars in the 1960s. When compared to each other the Porro prism binoculars were more light efficient (important for gathering light to view your subject), the images had greater contrast, and they were more simple in design. They have the classic design that was seen and used in WW II movies and safari movies on TV. There is a wide hinge between the ocular eyepieces which is great if you need to adjust them to fit your face better.

Porro binoculars are less expensive than Roof Binoculars. They are not typically waterproof and tend to be less durable than the Roof prism binoculars. Porro prism models are not inferior to roof prism; rather, they are built differently and often meet the needs of those looking for a lower price binocular.

If you’re looking for binoculars that will give you a great view from your balcony or you want to admire things from your porch or deck chair, porro prism binoculars are perfect. Choose a larger porro if you want to look at small objects or birds from a distance.

Roof Prism

Although roof prism binoculars appear to be simpler in design than porro prism, they require greater optical precision during the manufacturing process and have a more complex light path. Because of these changes, roof prism models are more expensive to make.

The narrow hinge between the ocular pieces looks like a large letter H and are more suited to those who want to get out in nature and get dirty. If you are traveling, roof prism binoculars are the better choice because they are typically waterproof and more durable.

Roof prism models have a higher price point and are more powerful overall which means you should be prepared to spend more on binoculars that have roof prism technology.

Other Features and Points to Consider

There are many things you want to look at before you purchase a pair of binoculars. In this section of our buying guide we will cover several topics and factors that will help you sort through the numerous choices that are available so you can make a confident decision on binoculars that will work for your needs, outdoor lifestyle and preferences.

Budget – Setting a budget for your binocular purchase will give you some parameters that you can use to sort through the different models available. The great thing about the majority of compact binoculars is that they fit your budget much better than larger varieties. This budget doesn’t have to be iron-clad and unbendable, but it will give you a good guideline for what you are willing to spend. If you are not very serious about using binoculars and tend to use them mostly for “play” type situations, then it makes sense to allocate a smaller budget for binoculars than if you’re an avid nature or bird watcher. Because compact binoculars are so much more budget friendly, they are often more popular than the larger, more expensive pairs.

Match your activities – Compact binoculars are terrific for a multitude of activities including bird watching, hunting, and tracking, hiking, nature watching and much, much more. The compact size and easy-to-carry features make these size binoculars very popular especially for teens and kids that love the outdoors.

Great for Sports and Concerts – If you’ve ever been to a sports game and are sitting up in the stands you know how hard it is to see the great plays. Compact binoculars are the perfect size for football games, basketball games, soccer games, and other sports games. It is also great for concerts. No one wants to lug around a huge pair of binoculars at a concert. Compact binoculars fit in your pocket and can be easily accessible when you need them. Test holding something 12 ounces (average compact binocular weight) steady at eye level for one minute, then try holding 2lbs (Average standard binocular weight) eye level for one minute and you’ll know why binocular weigh makes a difference. Consider the fact that you’ll be performing this act numerous times on your viewing journey. Directly stated, your arms won’t get tired when holding compact binoculars!

Compact Mobility – The mobility you have when you choose a compact pair of binoculars is much more flexible than a heavier, larger pair. Since most compact binoculars can be folded up and slipped into your pocket or pack easily, they can be taken anywhere and because of their lightweight, you won’t even notice you are carrying them around. This compact/portability feature makes compact binoculars very popular with outdoor enthusiasts, especially since you don’t want to add additional weight to your pack or body when you are hiking or backpacking. Having a mobile pair of binoculars can add a lot of opportunities for you to see some great sites on your excursions.

Primary Usage – Compact binoculars are used for a variety of activities, but their primary usage is often: bird watching, hiking, hunting, and other “on the go” activities. Their small size and easy handling make them easy to carry and access when a bird or animal peaks your interest allowing you a closer look without being physically close.

Compact models don’t usually have the power or low light capabilities that larger models have. Thus, they are not usually chosen for those who spend a lot of time outdoors at night or in very low light conditions. However, they are excellent for kids due to their small size which is much easier for a child to hold. Some small models may be harder for adults with larger hands to hold and focus, but this is typically nullified by practice and repetitive usage.

You can expect to use compact binoculars for many outdoor activities during the daylight hours and have a great time doing it. If you’re looking for something much more powerful for serious hunting, bird watching, or other activities where you need a high level of clarity and sharpness regardless of the lighting, there are some high-end compact binoculars that will collect enough light for your viewing, but you may find the larger models provide the light emission you need.

Pocket Binoculars – Not all compact binoculars will fit into your pocket, but the majority of them can. Of course, if your clothing has tiny pockets, then even “pocket” sized binoculars won’t fit; keep in mind that “pocket” sized refers to what would fit in a standard sized pocket. The models that fit the best inside your pocket are designed to fold up before they are put away. If you are looking for a pair of binoculars for your hiking and backpacking trips, then pocket binoculars will provide you with the small, convenient size you want to tuck out of the way until you need them. Pocket binoculars are great for kids but can be bothersome for adults with large hands. The foldable quality most pocket binoculars have does not affect the power, image quality, or magnification. They are easy to pull out of your pocket, unfold, and see through within a few seconds.

Portability AND High-quality glass – Just because compact binoculars are more convenient and lighter, does not mean that quality has to go down. There are plenty of compact models on the market that despite their compact size, have great magnification and objective lens sizes. They key is finding compact binoculars that incorporate quality glass for ocular pieces. Moreover, strong and durable glass is very important if you want binoculars to last. If glass quality is important to you, then you don’t have to give up portability in choosing compact binoculars. With all the different models available you can find a few that offer both: high-quality glass and portability. As technology continues to advance, binoculars will be able to be smaller without losing performance as manufacturers use quality materials that produce stunning image clarity and durability in a compact design.

Compact Binocular Visuals

There are several things that come together to make up the visuals of your binoculars. Compact design does not mean you have to accept low-quality images or viewing. This is especially true with all of the advanced technology integrated into the design process which in turn, has improved the power and visuals of binoculars over the years.

Magnification and objective lens size are the major contributing factors to how clear your images are seen through binoculars. High magnifications allow you to clearly see things at a distance. All binoculars have a set of numbers that provide the user with the objective lens diameter and magnification that the binoculars are capable of.

If your compact binoculars have a magnification of 8x for example, this means that they have eight times the magnification power. Alternatively stated; they appear eight times closer than they appear to be when you are looking at them with the “naked” eye. The majority of viewing activities do well with binoculars that have 7x to 10x magnification. If you’re looking for a binocular specifically for theater watching, then 3x to 5x is good contingent on where your seats are.

Sports enthusiasts will likely be satisfied with 7x magnification for close up viewing of their favorite sport. However, if you’re using your compact binoculars for hunting, look for binoculars that have 10x magnification or more for observing game at long distances. High magnifications or large objective binoculars are sometimes harder to keep still which can affect your visuals. Thus, using a tripod is very beneficial as higher numbers and higher magnification are chosen based on your long-range viewing needs.

The objective size determines how much light comes into the lens. The larger the objective is the crisper, brighter, and clearer your images will be. To find out about the image quality and visuals that a pair of compact binoculars has is to read customer reviews and comments that have been made about the models you are interested in.

These consumers have purchased the compact binoculars that you are interested in and they have handled them and used them in the field. They have a working knowledge of these binoculars that can provide you with a lot of pre-purchase insight. This information will help you avoid purchasing a pair of compact binoculars and finding out after they arrive that they do not meet your needs.

Disadvantages of Small Compact Binoculars

There are some disadvantages to small, compact binoculars. We have listed some of the potential downsides that you may encounter when choosing a compact pair of binoculars. Large lens sizes provide better images by emitting large quantities of light. Sometimes tiny lens sizes that compact binoculars use in their design may affect your image quality and ability to see long distances even with higher powered magnification.

Because you would have to sacrifice the convenience of a compact, small pair of binoculars, most people deal with the lower quality images. Depending on build, quality of production materials, and lens coating; compact binoculars can be great allowing you to see things from as much as 1000 yards away! If you want your images to jump out at you, then a compact pair of binoculars may not be the best choice.

Another disadvantage of a smaller, compact pair of binoculars is that you will have a narrower field of view on models with higher levels of magnification. Wide field of view allows you to watch objects that are moving swiftly in the view of the binoculars without spotting problems that binoculars with a narrow field of view tend to have. A narrow field is great when watching the action in front of you. However, animals will not pause for binoculars to catch up with them. So, having a wider field of view means that you catch more of what you want to see.

Some compact models offer a wide field of view, but you have to look for those models or read our reviews to ensure that the field of view is what you want. Wide fields of view are appreciated by the person who loves to do serious bird watching or someone who loves sports and watching events live no matter where their seats are. You can find compact binoculars with wide fields of view but overall they will not be as easy to keep fast moving objects in view as their larger lens counterparts.


To sum it all up, compact binoculars are very popular with outdoor enthusiasts and have a lot of activities that they are well suited for. There are many different brands and styles of compact binoculars on the market so sorting through them all and finding one that has the image quality, weight, size, and other features that you want can be difficult if you are not sure what to look for.

The steps to finding the right pair are simple. First, determine what your needs and preferences are. Then, decide what you’ll be using the compact binoculars for? Keep in mind, who will be using them? Finally, consider what special features are needed: waterproofing, fog proofing, foldability, and magnification level.

The eleven top-rated choices that we have provided for you in this guide list the best compact binoculars for a variety of situations including but not limited to: best for bird watching, best for hunting, and other best of categories. With our extensive research, you can count on the thoroughly reviewed binoculars included on this website that inform you of what you need to know about each pair of binoculars. Look over the categorized compact binoculars and we’re sure that you will find a pair that is perfect for your needs.

Additionally, we have addressed many topics that are beneficial to anyone who is shopping around for a pair of compact binoculars. Best uses, popular features that the best binoculars include, the best activities that different sizes are well-suited for and other important pieces of information that will make the shopping experience much simpler and stress-free. With so many choices available and so many magnifications and objective lens options, you can further determine which compact binoculars meet your preferences perfectly. Compact binoculars are not always priced low; they can be hundreds of dollars for a powerful high-end model. Take your time reading through our findings, reading comments from others who have purchased the model you are most interested in, and decide what you need before jumping in and spending your money. You will be glad you did!

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