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Best Binoculars for Kids

Kids Binoculars Reviews

Most children are enthusiastic about being outside and seeing all the wonders that it holds. From bird watching to insect identification to watching their cat explore the yard, children love to use binoculars to explore their outside world up close without having to actually BE up close.

Because of their smaller size, a child needs their own sized binoculars to get the most out of viewing activities. Trying to handle large, heavy binoculars of their parents can lead to frustration and discouragement. There are things you want to look for when choosing the right binoculars for your child.

With all of the choices available, it will help you to understand the different types and features they can have and how to ensure that the pair you choose meets all of the child’s preferences and your requirements. This guide and the reviews below will provide you with the knowledge that will help make the binoculars buying experience one you will enjoy almost as much as they will enjoy getting them.

Best Binoculars for Kids


4.9/5 Product Rating
Kidwinz makes outdoor exploration fun and easy with the shock proof 8×21 binoculars for kids. The super powerful 8x magnification makes objects appear 8 times closer than they really are. The compact design is perfect for boys and girls to hold easily without being bulky. These durable binoculars are shockproof and can withstand unexpected drops and falls thanks to their rubber coating. The binoculars can be folded to fit your child’s face making them work for a variety of ages and sizes and are easy to focus as well.

The rubber that encases the eyepieces is added to protect a child’s face and eyes. Many other brands leave out this important feature. Even though these binoculars are made for kids they are not just a toy and are great for star gazing, bird watching, hiking, summer fun, and nature walks. Kindwinz binoculars come with a 60 day refund, 60 day replacement policy and a lifetime warranty. Purchase includes the binoculars, operating manual, carrying case, cleaning cloth, and a 24” neck strap. This makes a great gift for a child who loves animals and birds.

Best Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids


4.9/5 Product Rating
If you are looking for a durable pair of binoculars that can stand up to the rough handling and potential drops that a child can inflict, you have found a great choice in the Amarey 8×21 kid’s binoculars. These small, pocket sized binoculars offer 8 x magnifications that deliver a sharp, clear image. The design of these binoculars works for children of all ages due to the feature that allows them to be adjusted to fit the distance between the child’s eyes.

The rubber eyepieces keep the binoculars from hurting the child’s face and eyes and make long viewing very comfortable. For added safety, the binoculars are made from food grade materials that are shockproof and long lasting so your child can relax and have fun without worrying about breaking the binoculars should they accidentally drop them. Users who purchase these binoculars will also receive a 24” neck strap, lens cleaning cloth, and a carrying case made of nylon. They are the perfect binoculars for hiking, nature walks, outdoor learning, bird watching, and hunting. The company offers a free replacement policy and a 2-year money-back guarantee

Best Compact Kids Binoculars


4.8/5 Product Rating
QNIGLO 6×18 binoculars for kids are known to be the best compact kid’s binoculars on the market currently. The great magnification and 18mm objective lens provide plenty of light and a large field of view so they can view whatever catches their attention.

The ergonomic style makes these binoculars easy for kids to hold and the folding design allows for the binoculars to be adjusted to the eye distance of the child using them. They are very lightweight and ideal for holding for long periods of time without tiring the child. The eyepieces are surrounded by comfortable rubber so they rest comfortably against the child’s face and eye area without hurting it. The durable rubber coating is shockproof and can withstand falls and drops on the floor that can accidentally happen when a child is holding onto them.

Best Compact Binoculars for Teens


4.8/5 Product Rating
If your teen loves nature and bird watching they will love these binoculars that are compact and perfect for teens. The super compact size is perfect to slip into their pocket or pack. The 7x magnification and 18mm objective lens with BK-7 prism and full coated lenses provide clear, sharp images that will take their bird watching to a new level.

Other features include a 10 ½ mm eye relief, great field of view, and close focus viewing of 8.2 feet. The center placed focus knob features independent right diopter adjusting for plenty of flexibility when focusing. The lightweight of only 4 ½ ounces makes these super easy to carry when traveling, hiking, or just hanging out enjoying their day. These great teen’s binoculars come with a convenient wrist strap, lens cloth for cleaning, and soft carrying pouch. Buyers also get the Carson’s no hassle, no-fault warranty.

Best Bird Watching Binoculars for Kids


4.8/5 Product Rating
If your child or teen loves birds, you want to get these Kidsleek 8×21 HD kids binoculars. The 8x magnification makes them feel like they are only inches away from their subjects. The k9 prism is coated and delivers crisp images that will thrill them. The design of these compact binoculars is made to be easy for smaller hands to hold without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. The simple, adjustable focus is user-friendly and designed with your child in mind.

These fully functional binoculars make great gifts and can increase their love of bird watching and nature hikes even more. They are also great for travel, hiking, watching sporting events and just having fun in the backyard playing “spy”. These binoculars come with a cleaning cloth, operating manual, carrying case and neck strap so they will have everything they need to start their new hobby.

Best Budget Binoculars for Kids Aged 3-6 Years of Age

GeoSafari Jr.

4.7/5 Product Rating
Are you looking for a great pair of kid’s binoculars that are perfect for your 3-6 year old? Look no further than the Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars. These are the only binoculars on the market designed especially for little kids.

These focus-free binoculars have eyepieces that are comfortable and three times larger than ordinary eyepieces. They also have goggles and a placement guide as well so your child learns exactly how to look through their binoculars properly. These are the perfect beginning binoculars for preschoolers who have an interest in birds or other types of nature and will foster that love as they grow into more advanced styles of binoculars. Kidnoculars come with a breakaway neck strap for safe carrying. They are perfect for introducing a young child to science and can be fun at the zoo or ball game as well. They are affordable too!

Best Budget Binoculars for Kids Aged 6-12 Years of Age


4.8/5 Product Rating
If you want to find an affordable pair of binoculars for your 6-12 year old, look no further than Carson Hawk 30mm beginner’s field binoculars for kids. These lightweight binoculars feature a 30mm objective lens that works great for outdoor adventures like camping, bird watching, hiking, and more. The Hawk binoculars are made to be durable so your child can enjoy themselves without fear of breaking them.

They are the perfect tool for teaching your child about nature and the great outdoors and will really foster your child’s love of nature and animals. Buyers also get a carrying pouch, lens cloth for cleaning, and convenient strap for easy carrying wherever they go. The company stands behind their binoculars by offering buyers a one-year limited warranty against defects. If your child loves being outside and exploring, these binoculars will make an excellent gift to encourage that love.

Best Binoculars for Teens


4.9/5 Product Rating
If your teen has a real interest in bird watching or checking out nature, get them started with these Nikon trailblazer ATB binoculars. The powerful 8x magnification allows them to see objects 8 times closer than they are in actuality. Features of these great binoculars include a long eye relief that is very eyeglass wearer friendly, eco-glass prisms and lenses, multi-coated anti-reflective glass that offers sharp, crisp images, 8.2mm exit pupil that is great for night viewing and much more.

The Nikon Trailblazer binoculars are fog proof and waterproof and can stand up to heavy use in rugged terrain. The compact size makes them perfect for hiking, camping, bird watching, watching sporting events, and much more. The rubber coating provides a secure grip so they don’t accidentally drop the binoculars if their hands get sweaty. Nikon stands behind their Trailblazer ATB binoculars by offering a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Binoculars for Teens Near Water


4.8/5 Product Rating
Does your teen love to be around the water a lot? If so, you want to get these BARSKA Floatmaster 10×30 waterproof binoculars for them so they can fully enjoy nature. The compact, almost indestructible binoculars can float on the water, making them easy to retrieve should they be accidentally dropped into the water. The powerful 10x magnification and 30mm objective lens provides excellent, up close and personal looks at their chosen objects.

There is a 262-foot field of view from 100 yards out and 32.8 foot close up focus. The 3mm exit pupil provides some light although not usually enough to give clear nighttime viewing. The center focus knob is easy to use and reach and the water and fog proof features ensure that the binoculars can be used in any type of weather. These binoculars feature roof prisms with BK-7 glass that is fully coated. Buyers get a limited lifetime warranty with these binoculars. Also included with the binoculars are a lens cloth for cleaning, carrying case and a convenient neck strap to make carrying on the go even easier.

Kids Binoculars Buying Guide

Kids are huge fans of binoculars but traditional adult binoculars are too cumbersome and large for small hands to hold and operate. Fortunately, there are many different styles and options for the young binoculars user that you can choose from.
There are several things you want to look at and check for when purchasing a pair of binoculars for a child.

  • Are they made well? Are they durable?
  • Are they designed for small hands?
  • Are they comfortable to hold and have against their face?
  • These are just a few of the things you want to consider when sorting through the different choices available. Choosing the right pair for your child can encourage them to continue to love the outdoors and viewing nature. If they have to battle and struggle with a pair of binoculars that are too large, heavy and hard to operate it could affect their interest.

    What to Look For in Kids Binoculars
    There are certain factors that you want to look for when you are searching for the best binoculars. A child’s needs are different than adults so you want to make sure that the binoculars you choose hit all the important points. Below we have listed the important features and factors you want to look for.

  • Quality – Quality is important even with kid’s binoculars. In fact quality is a very important factor in kid’s binoculars because of the durability they need to have to survive a child’s rough handling. Kids are not as careful as adults nor can they hold binoculars for an extended period of time which means drops can happen. If the binoculars are low quality, dropping them one time could be the end of them. Purchasing a quality pair of binoculars from the beginning could save you money since you won’t have to replace them as often.
  • Price – You get what you pay for is a very true adage when it comes to purchasing binoculars. The price point of the different styles will determine what type of features they have as well as how durable, long lasting, and high quality they are. The more you pay the better you can expect the binoculars to be. It is recommended that you set a budget before you start looking and do your best to stick to it so you don’t spend too much. We have added more on budget below.
  • Budget – The majority of kid’s binoculars fall into the under $50 dollar range and are still good quality binoculars that will offer your child a great introduction to using binoculars for nature and bird watching as well as other activities. It is important to think about what you want to spend before you start looking at the available options. It is very easy to overbuy and spend more than you intended. Setting a budget and sticking to it will prevent you from getting caught up by features that your child doesn’t need. It will also ensure that you carefully research the options that fit into your budget to make sure it has the features you are looking for such as ease of use, compact size, and durability which are important features for kid’s binoculars.
  • Child Compatibility – You want to make sure that you choose a pair of binoculars that are child friendly and designed for small hands and rough handling. The more mature and bigger your child is the higher you can go with some features, since they will understand things better. Size will probably be the biggest factor to consider when looking at child compatibility. A child will need a smaller, more compact, lightweight pair than an adult would.
  • Features – Binoculars have many different features that make them better suited to certain types of viewing. If your child loves to be outside in all types of weather and temperatures, looking for binoculars that are fog proof and waterproof is very important. Other features that are recommended include lightweight, small size, a neck strap for easier, hands-free carrying, shockproof, waterproof, fog proof and much more. The focusing feature is also very important because this can be challenging even for adults. Look for a pair of binoculars that has an easy focus system that will be easy for the child to learn so they don’t have to run inside and miss out on what they were viewing to have you help them focus the binoculars.
  • Magnification – The magnification of the binoculars will make a huge difference as to what your child can see and how clear the images are. Higher magnifications mean higher price tags usually but a blurry or distorted image is no fun anyway so it is worth it to not skimp on this feature. Look for magnification levels that are appropriate for kids which will be somewhere in the 6-10 range. Most kid’s binoculars fall between 6x-8x and provide plenty of magnification.
  • Size – Size is one of the most important factors you will consider when it comes to purchasing a pair of binoculars. If they are too big for your child’s hands to hold comfortably and easily they will either drop them frequently or lose interest because they are uncomfortable to hold. Children have much smaller hands than adults and those little hands get tired. Keep this in mind as you look at the different selections and look for binoculars that are compact and small. Some even fold up and fit into pockets or bags. Your child should be able to wrap their hands around the binoculars so they can reach the control knobs easily. Try to measure your child’s hands before you purchase a certain pair. This will ensure that your child can hold them comfortably. You could choose a pair that is comfortable but allows for the child to grow a little bit so they will have them for a couple of years.
  • Weight – How heavy a pair of binoculars is will determine whether your child continues to want to engage in bird watching and other outdoor activities that are enhanced by using binoculars. The lighter the binoculars are the easier time your child will have holding and using them. Even with a neck strap a heavier pair of binoculars will be hard for a child to manage. Lightweight binoculars can be less durable than a heavier pair and you may lose some magnification but if you are purchasing them for a very young child, this should not deter them. If you are purchasing binoculars for a child 7 years or older, choose binoculars that weight at least 7 ounces. This is not “heavy” but yet allows for the higher quality that an older child would appreciate.
  • Protection – Children drop things, it is a fact of life. It’s not always intentional but it happens a lot. For this reason you want to look for binoculars that can handle these drops without breaking. Many kid’s binoculars have shockproof protection and have rubber casings that protect against sudden drops. If they are dropped repeatedly even the best shock proof protection may not be able to save them so be sure to teach your child to be as careful as they can when they are carrying and holding them. Knowing how responsible your child is in matters like this will help you decide what degree of quality they can handle and take care of. Even adults wouldn’t be remiss in looking for binoculars that have protection of some kind. Accidents happen to the best of us and having that added protection can save you money.
  • Additional Things to Consider

    Know the Binocular Terminology

    Before you start looking for binoculars it is wise to know the terminology. You should know the following on a basic but functional level before you start shopping to ensure you get your money’s worth.

  • What the numbers mean (i.e. 8×50, 6×21, etc.)
  • What the different coating levels provide
  • What objective lens size does
  • What field of view is
  • The important of long range and close range focus
  • These things will help you choose the right pair of binoculars for the type of activities your child will be engaging in. Other important things to consider before purchase include:

      The Child’s Age– Binoculars come in many designs and there are different age groups that they are suited for. A super young, preschool aged child will enjoy chunky, colorful binoculars like our Kidnoculars that are colorful and easy for them to hold and play with. Do your best to choose a pair of binoculars that is made for your child’s age group. The description will typically tell you what ages the instrument is appropriate for.
      How will they be using them? – What will your child be doing with their binoculars? Are they interested in bird watching? Do they love insects and would like to get a really close up view? Do they enjoy stargazing? How the binoculars will be used is very important to getting the right pair for the job.
      Reputation – The reputation of the manufacturer is very important when it comes to choosing a quality pair of binoculars. This isn’t the ONLY thing you should look at but it certainly is a top contender on the list. Look at star ratings, customer comments and feedback and consider the brand name of the company and how they are perceived. A company like Nikon for example, is well-known and respected so a pair of binoculars by the Nikon company, even kid’s binoculars will be looked at more favorably than a lesser known name.


    Shopping for the right pair of binoculars for a child has many options and factors to consider. Do you look for super inexpensive so you don’t worry about the child breaking them or do you spend more and teach the child how to take care of them and how to use them so they can enjoy the higher quality features that some kid binoculars don’t have?

    Choosing wisely can encourage and foster a love of nature and bird watching that will last a lifetime. Choose badly and you could not only waste your money but frustrate and discourage their interest as well. Choosing the right binoculars doesn’t have to be terrifying or stressful which is why we provided this guide for you.

    Follow the advice we have provided and do you research and you should be able to find the perfect beginning pair of binoculars for a young child or purchase an upgraded pair for your child that has gotten older and still loves to use them. The aim of our guide and the reviews we have posted is to help guide you in the research process so you know what to look for and how to tell a good quality pair of binoculars from a poorly made pair.

    All of the binoculars we have reviewed are excellent quality and top the list with consumers for features, sharpness of the images, ease of use and other important categories we researched. No one wants to waste their money so using the knowledge you have gained from this guide will help you spend your money wisely, stay on budget, and choose a pair of binoculars that will encourage your child’s love of nature, outdoor activities, and learning.

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